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UK Government official figures up to August: 2000 deaths and 100,000 adverse reactions

The reports present the following data and state that "this is not proof the vaccines cause the reported reactions, they are just suspicions."

If the system the Government uses and promotes is useless, scrap it. If it isn't, then stop the vaccination campaign and investigate these deaths with real, independent scientists. Do not use Government or pharmaceutical funded scientists as this is a basic conflict of interest.

No other "vaccine" in history has ever been able to continue with more than 100 suspected deaths. Ever.

Find the reports here:

Download PDF • 466KB

Download PDF • 557KB

Download PDF • 1.33MB

And, the US is doing even worse:

Official U.S. Government Stats on COVID Vaccines: 13,627 Deaths 2,826,646 Injuries 1,429 Fetal Deaths in Pregnant Women

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