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Update from the World Economic Forum

Lucky us, it's that time again:

The Agenda Weekly:

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The new Mu COVID-19 variant: what we know so far. ⇒ Explore: COVID-19 Transformation Map Old names on top, but Asia is rising: the world’s best universities. ⇒ Explore: Education and Skills Transformation

VIDEO on the circular economy - worth watching

On the Agenda

Europe’s bank chief on COVID-19, climate change and inequality. Want a competitive, first-mover advantage? Invest in nature. 10 million unfilled jobs: the US needs a new employeer-employee compact. Time to unleash AI — to fight climate change. 39% of greenhouse gases come from buildings. How to get that to zero. Bad news for gamers? China’s video game restrictions.

On our radar

Why COVID-19 probably didn’t come from a lab leak. They don’t always mix well: green jobs, wind power and global capitalism. The global supply chain crisis, as told by a box of fertilizer. We have definitive proof now: masks really, really work against COVID-19.

The World Economic Forum in the news

A digital currency for Europe? Coverage of Christine Lagarde’s talk with Klaus Schwab. (Times of India)

The startups trying to kill the password. Quotes Forum Agenda blog post. (Financial Times)

Do we need humans for that job? Cites forecast from Future of Jobs Report. (Washington Post)

Harness AI to unlock the energy transition. Coverage of Forum white paper. (Smart Energy)

Belt and Road Initiative could strengthen international cooperation. Quotes Prof. Schwab. (CCTV)

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