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US soldiers refuse covid-19 vaccinations - Army threatens physically forcing vaccinations

Report: Army May Restrain Soldiers, Forcibly Vaccinate Them

The United States army may have the legal right to force involuntary vaccinations on soldiers, the Army Times reported.

Some 43 percent of the Army's approximately one million soldiers remain unvaccinated after the largest public relations / propaganda campaign in history to encourage the jabs.

If a forced vaccination policy is implemented, Army staff "will only use the amount of force necessary to assist medical personnel" to provide the inoculations, the official policy paper obtained by the Army Times says.

According to the latest data from the Defense Department, since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been about 227,000 coronavirus infections among all branches of the armed forces. About 80,000 of them were in the Army. Among all branches, about 1% of the cases were hospitalized, while 99% did not require hospitalization. There have been a total of 34 deaths among all branches of the US armed forces, a death rate of a little over 0.015% among those who were infected. This means the survival rate has been approximately 99.985%.

US Troops are saying they will quit if they are forced to be vaccinated.





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