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Vaccine Passports are definitely coming to the UK by mid-December 2021 according to NHS

In 2020 we, and many others told you that vaccine passports were coming, and you labelled it a conspiracy theory. Yet in 2021 they have been implemented around the world, with France currently having the most stringent vaccine passport laws in place, closely followed by Israel; which recently rescinded passes for a large chunk of the population due to no longer considering citizens fully vaccinated unless they have had three doses of a Covid-19 vaccine.

The UK Government, who are being lobbied by ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair, have teased the public since the Spring that vaccine passports will be implemented, in what has turned into a ‘Will they? Won’t they?’ carry-on.

Boris used them as a coercive tactic to manipulate young adults and teens into getting the experimental, unnecessary injection with the threat of implementing them in night clubs by the autumn. But then he revealed that the Government had “changed its mind”. The current stance is that they will only be implemented in a Plan B scenario this winter.

However, official NHS guidelines which can be viewed here, seem to confirm that vaccine passports will be implemented by mid-December 2021.

Using the NHS COVID Pass‘ guidelines clearly state that ‘currently businesses and event organisers in England that choose to use the NHS COVID Pass as a condition of entry can decide whether or not to allow in people who self-declare that they are unable to be vaccinated or tested.’

What the NHS is stating here is that it is up to businesses who use the NHS COVID Pass whether or not they they wish to allow people who claim they are exempt from vaccination or testing into their premises. However, the next paragraph confirms that by mid-December they will no longer be allowed to accept people who self declare exemption, and can only accept exemptions via the NHS COVID Pass.

‘Businesses can continue to accept people who self-declare that they are medically exempt until mid December 2021, from which point they have to use the NHS COVID Pass to gain entry in the same way that people who are fully vaccinated do. Your NHS COVID Pass will not show that you have a medical exemption.

As things stand using the NHS COVID Pass is optional, and falls on businesses to decide whether or not they wish to use it as condition of entry. So for the NHS to clearly state that businesses will no longer be able to continue to accept people who self-declare exemptions from mid-December, and that the NHS COVID Pass must be used to gain entry, is a little strange if the NHS COVID Pass / Vaccine passport is still optional.

Therefore, this suggests that by mid-December 2021, the UK Government will write into law that the NHS COVID Pass / Vaccine passports must be used to gain entry to what are deemed to be non-essential shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

Which can only mean the UK Governments ‘Plan B‘ is coming to a town near you this winter…



The British government is no better than Australia's or Canada's or France's, it's just that our government and intelligence agencies are better and more experienced in tyranny.

So it looks like we're getting vaccine passports in December and we can see the play and logic behind it:

*Christmas holiday run-up means people want to go out and party, but they need a jab now.

*Parliament will close for the holidays meaning they won't have to deal with any backlash.

*Issued during the heart of winter to dissuade any potential protests.

Wales has introduced vaccine passports and I see people on Twitter using terrible arguments against it.

People have to understand that with nightclubs they’re just establishing a beachhead, setting a precedent from which they can expand.

There’s no point moaning about what time pubs can stay open till or going off on tangents about tests.

The tests will be scrapped and the pubs will be next for the pass.

Anyone who’s played Civilisation will know the value of capturing a small port town on an enemy continent, the town isn’t the real objective, establishing and securing the beachhead is, from which further expansion can be achieved.

(Morgoth Reviews)

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