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Victoria Police Resigns Over Tyranny Of Police

Senior Sergeant Krystle Mitchell, a senior Victorian policewoman, sensationally resigned from Victoria Police after appearing on an independent media show The Discernible Interviews on Friday night.

She resigned after 16 years of service, claiming the “vast majority” of cops do not “believe in and don’t want to enforce” the state’s tough COVID-19 orders.

Ms Mitchell is now facing an investigation by Victoria Police’s professional standards command after she quit the force over the state’s stringent COVID-19 directions.

"This is a veteran of the police force, so she's got a senior role – so she will pay a very heavy price personally," Ms Panahi said.

"Her career is in jeopardy as soon as she spoke out – and it shouldn't be that way in a free country. "You should be able to say what we are seeing is not okay."

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