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How teachers are paid around the world and why it matters. ⇒ Explore: Education and Skills Transformation Map How will price shocks impact the energy transition? ⇒ Explore: Future of Energy Transformation Map

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Strategic Intelligence From COVID-19 to blockchain, energy, global governance and more, explore and monitor the forces shaping our world.

On the Agenda

Green and blue in Africa. Namibia aims to be a renewable energy hub. Needed for a sustainable, inclusive recovery: global trade reform. Ethical facial recognition tech: police need to follow this best practice. How to fix the world: 6 big ideas from Young Global Leaders. Water is disappearing. Four visuals tell a story of a warming world. Revolutionizing sustainable manfacturing: global lighthouses.

The most critical skill of all Unilever’s HR chief discusses the future of work in our latest Meet the Leader podcast.

On our radar

Is the world about to commit a major monetary policy mistake? How memories persist even when brains and bodies don’t. What an AI-dominated world requires: improvisation.

Business Updates

Inclusion for women gamers, electric flying taxis, and private equity tackles ESG reporting.

The World Economic Forum in the news

First Movers Coalition secures climate pledges. Cites collaboration between Forum and US State Department. (Bloomberg)

CEOs urge global trade reform. Coverage of Forum initiative. (The Hindu)

Young women lead Parisian theatre. References Forum research on the pandemic and gender parity. (New York Times)

New facial recognition ethics tool being tested. Coverage of Forum initiative. (biometric update)

China promotes its digital currency. References Forum proposals for digital currencies. (lexology)

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