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WEF news update

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The fastest growing jobs between now and 2030. ⇒ Explore: Workforce and Employment Transformation Map 6 surprising climate change solutionsfrom business leaders. ⇒ Explore: Climate Change Transformation Map

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Strategic Intelligence From COVID-19 to blockchain, energy, global governance and more, explore and monitor the forces shaping our world.

In focus: Sustainable Development Impact Summit

Top challenges for saving the planet and progress made. Paying for it: how to fund the shift to a sustainable future. Why and how Africa must be part of any post-COVID recovery. What we talk about when we talk about climate needs to change. Global trade can reduce inequality — if we apply a new vision now. Everything you need to know about the trillion trees movement. Why carbon offsetting just doesn’t cut it.

On the Agenda

This response to COVID 19 could be a model for equitable healthcare. What is the Evergrande crisis and how might it impact the global economy?

On the road to Glasgow The Sustainable Development Impact Summit and the next Climate Change Conference in the latest Radio Davos podcast.

On our radar

You can’t impose democracy — but you can export it. Food wars: will we ever know what we should really eat? How global logistics explain everything from Amazon to McMansions.

Business and Sustainable Development

Decarbonizing cities, collaborations for carbon removal and a 1 billion lives challenge at the Sustainable Development Impact Summit

The World Economic Forum in the news

Government actions for the environment. Coverage from Sustainable Development Impact Summit. (Straits Times)

A woman hopes to lead Japan. Cites Global Gender Gap Report. (New York Times)

How to transition to sustainable aviation fuel. Interview with Forum Future of Mobility Lead. (CNBC)

Britons snap up electric vehicles. Cites Forum research. (Economist)

What AI can do for the energy transition. Discussion of Forum white paper. (Bloomberg)

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