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Chronology of terror: a timeline of the 9/11 attacks. ⇒ Explore: International Security Transformation Map When will the COVID-19 pandemic end? New data and expert analysis. ⇒ Explore: COVID-19 Transformation Map

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To build a sustainable world The Sustainable Development Impact Summit takes place virtually September 20-23. Join the conversation with global leaders.

In focus: Sustainable Development Impact Summit

Governments’ top ally for sustainable policies: 4IR technologies. How much progress are we making? Without better data, we can’t know. Show us the money: financing sustainable development. Decarbonise your city in 12 steps. How India could gain $11 trillion: taking the lead on climate action.

Strategic Intelligence From COVID-19 to blockchain, energy, global governance and more, explore and monitor the forces shaping our world.

On the Agenda

How the world’s cities can help Afghan refugees. The top 10 innovations to tackle mental ill-health. How to build a brand that will help retain employees.

Reshaping opportunities in Africa The head of African Teen Geeks on creating a pipeline of tech leaders in our latest Meet the Leader podcast.

On our radar

Forget back to the office? Companies change plans for the delta variant. The most daring sting ever: a phone for criminals, run by the police. Ending the dark ages of obesity medicine: the future of weight loss. Can globalization be improved? A look at 6 narratives.

Business and Sustainable Development

The future of food, COVID-19 care, plastic recycling and other initiatives related to the Sustainable Development Impact Summit

The World Economic Forum in the news

Forum plans return to Davos next year. (Financial Times)

A female leader for Japan? Cites Gender Gap Report. (Washington Post)

A larger international role for China. Quotes Prof Klaus Schwab. (China Daily)

Uganda aims to balance environment and oil activities. Cites Forum data. (Observer - Uganda)

Drones to deliver COVID-19 jabs. Coverage of Forum initiative. (Fortune)

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