What do "libertarians" actually offer?

When it comes to what do libertarians want for you and society I believe it’s something like the following:

Libertarians as a philosophy do not pretend to know what’s best for you. We cannot tell what’s best for your family or friends.

We do not live your lives or experience the same problems as you. To pretend we could solve these problems for you would be incredibly disingenuous. Every individual’s problems are unique to them, no matter how similar they sound. The same solutions will not work for everyone, that’s why you are an individual.

We can’t tell you how to solve everything, and we never would pretend we could. It’s an impossible expectation of anyone, especially a single organisation like a political party, let alone a Prime Minister. How can we tell you we can fix everyone’s individual problems?

The people who tell you they can are the ones you should be the most careful of. They can’t solve all your problems, and they know it. They tell you: "Give us your money, vote for us, and we will be able to take care of you." Look back at every election you have voted in - have you actually been helped?

Libertarians and similar groups give you the freedom to solve your problems in the way you see fit. All anyone can possibly offer you is the complete freedom to help yourself and let others help you without needless barriers.

Remember this, anything promised to you by a Government results in a larger cut to the Government before it reaches you. We take away that cut.

That’s all freedom is.

It seems the less freedom we experience, the harder life tends to get, and the more desperate society becomes. The Government response to this so called 'pandemic' should make this evident.

May be it is time to give liberty a chance, there’s many authoritarians in the world who will promise you they can make all your problems disappear if you vote and give your wealth to them.

I’d suggest we’ve experienced many different types of Governments telling us they can make everything okay, yet we’re still here voting because it has not happened. May be it is because large Governments are not the answer. Worth a thought.