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When the ‘rules and regulations’ become more important than people and their well-being

The nation is in a bad place.

Child with 'Covid symptoms' develops hypothermia after being isolated in outdoor classroom

A MOTHER has raised safety concerns after her child developed hypothermia after being isolated in a cold outdoor 'shed' at school.

Chloé Wilby, said she was ‘absolutely broken’ to find that her four-year-old son, Mason, was isolated for some time in what she described as an 'outdoor shed'.

She claims that after visiting Centre Parcs, she and her son had developed a mild cold, and Mason had a little cough and a snotty nose.

However the school, Wigton Infant School, put Mason in isolation due to their protocol on Covid-19, as Mason had displayed symptoms of the virus. She was called to collect Mason as soon as possible, which took Chloé some time as she had to rely on public transport.

This, she says, initially caused no worry as it was not apparent that Mason was isolated in an outdoor room.

Upon arrival, she said they brought her child out of an ‘outdoor shed’. It was confirmed that the room had no heating.

She added: “He couldn’t talk, shivering like mad, hands red raw, I had to stick them up my top to warm up, eyes watering like mad, snotty nose down his face. “They even made him eat his lunch outside, no toys, no games, nothing.”

Following a visit to a doctor, she was told to call an ambulance, as Mason had developed hypothermia.

In response, Geoff Norman, headteacher at Wigton Infant School, said: “The priority for everyone in Wigton Infant School has always been the wellbeing of the children, which now more than ever includes reducing the chance of infection across the school and caring for children who are ill at school.

“This includes moving children who display Covid-19 symptoms to a separate space with a member of staff until they can be picked up by a parent or carer.

"For several months we have been using our outdoor classroom for this purpose and this has worked well.

“Following the concerns recently expressed about the suitability of this space we have reviewed our approach. “For children who require isolation in school due to Covid-19 symptoms we will now use a room adjacent to the school office. As currently, pupils will always have a member of staff with them.”

A spokesperson from Cumbria Police said: “Police were contacted by email on November 23 with a report of concern for the welfare of an infant school child at a school in the Wigton area.

“Following an investigation, no crimes were found to have been committed. A safeguarding review was also conducted. The matter has since been referred to Cumbria County Council.”


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