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WHO says it's time for countries to have 'healthy debate' about mandatory vaccination

The World Health Organisation has suggested it is time for countries to have a conversation about mandatory COVID-19 vaccines, saying: "It's a healthy debate to have."

Robb Butler, executive director for WHO Europe, told Kay Burley on Sky News: "Mandatory vaccination can, but doesn't always increase uptake."

However, he suggested countries - and individuals - should now be thinking about the issue.

This is the push to transform the world into Serfdom. Do not be taken in by this debate. There is no debate. IF you do not own your bodies you may as well die now because you will have no right to refuse any treatment in the future.

This is the beginning of the implementation of the UN Sustainability Goals - scratch past surface of the pretty wording and you see your health will belong to the well-being of the (global) community.

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