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Why you should subscribe to the World Economic Forum - The Agenda Weekly

I subscribe to everything. I get up to 100 emails per day which I attempt to read. I subscribe to the Bank for International Settlements, IMF, World Bank, Bank of England, Chatham House, Council on Foreign Relations and many more.

I do this because I want to read what they say first hand and analyse their agendas for myself. I try to avoid second-hand opinions when possible. I do this so I can try and warn my family and friends - not that they listen to me! (But we persevere regardless for the ones we love.)

The point being, this takes up a lot of time, and I know many people just can't be reading financial reports, articles and now medical reports daily. I've been blessed with a curious mind so it is quite easy for me to whizz through most of these.

But, there is one website EVERYONE should subscribe to:

The Agenda Weekly

This is what you receive in an once a week:

The agendas of the world are for you to read first hand. You can see the patterns and trajectories we are taking.

It is now clear the World Economic Forum is the steering committee of the global move towards global governance. It is my firm belief the "engine" that is driving and pushing the whole agenda are the Central Banks, IMF, BIS and your Black Rocks. However, the World Economic is quite clearly the "steering wheel" steering the world and its population in the right direction at the right time.

Definitely worth subscribing to! You will know the agenda months before the mainstream news outlets start reporting on it.

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