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The Great Reset is the introduction of Global Governance and total control of the global population. It is also known as the 'UN 2030 Agenda', 'Global Government', New World Order' and 'Technocracy'.

The Great Reset: What is it?


International Banking

IMF Scandal

Sweden Go Full CBDC

BIS: Central bank digital currencies as superheroes?

IMF: Needed—A Global Approach to Data in the Digital Age (Global Government Propaganda)

BIS: Sustainable Taxonomies i.e. Global Governence

Sweden Leading the Way in the CBDC Sector – The First Country To Go Fully Digital?

IMF: Needed—A Global Approach to Data in the Digital Age

IMF Annual Meeting 2021: Central Banks Move To Grab More Control

What is Project Genesis?

Bank for International Settlements: Big Tech may rival (or replace) commercial Banks

IMF: Central Banks create new powers

BIS: Central bank digital currency, the future starts today (they mean business)

Chinese government bans decentralised cryptocurrencies as it implements it's own

IMF: The Rethinking of the International Monetary System

T Rabi Sankar: Central bank digital currency - is this the future of money

George Gammon: Economic scenarios we may face in the next ten years

Commbank Australia publish a white paper spelling out our future - the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Miles Harris: A Centrally Planned Future

'Britcoin' will end the relationship between the people and the State - it only leads to enslavement

Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and South Africa will test CBDCs for international settlements

Huw Pill hired by Bank of England - another Goldman Sachs man

Britcoin and the Vaccine Passports are the beginning of the Social Credit System

Miles Harris: BIS offer concerning economic news

Bank for International Settlements: We will know what everyone owns

The Bank for International Settlements: The Digitalisation of Money

Bank of England want their digital currency to be programmable

Bank for International Settlements: CBDCs: an opportunity for the monetary system

Bank of England and Bank of Canada promote the CBDC economy

CFR lead fight against "misinformation" and Atlantic Council explain why China's CBDC is great

ECB discusses implementation of the Digital Euro - 2021

Global Currency changes coming in 2021/ 2022

International Banking updates

Christine Lagarde ECB update

More International Banking Updates

Global Institution Publications and Information

Chatham House and Climate Change - a lesson in pseudoscience and fear porn

Chatham House and Rockefeller Foundation are constructing the COVID CHARTER

Christine Lagarde is insane

False Flag alert - MI5 "predict" a new 9/11

WEF: Brain Implants

Update from the World Economic Forum

Chatham House discuss the Great Reset (Circular Economy and Carbon Credits)

WHO: Human Genome Editing Governance Framework

Christine Anderson, European Parliament

Open Democracy: Conspiracy theories aside, there is something fishy about the Great Reset

The Misanthropic Bankers Behind COP26 and the Green New Deal

WEF’s “Invest in Forests” Exposed: Global Surveillance Grid

Glasgow, COP26, World Economic Forum, Great Reset

Bank of England: Climate Change Statement

COP 26 Analysis

The Dalai Lama joins the International Order

Vatican Goes Ahead With Transhumanism (The Fourth Industrial Revolution/ Great Reset)

Council on Foreign Relations: "...confront the challenge of forging a new international order? "

Biomass Bull****

Here's the latest from the World Economic Forum

IFS: Millions Are Going To Be Worse Off - (You'll Own Nothing)

World Economic Forum latest propaganda

The UN also go FULL climate change

Chatham House (just like the BIS) go FULL climate change

Chatham House discuss New World Orders

CFR release a new book: The Fight for Climate After COVID-19

Watch a Propaganda Movie: The Earth 2100

Prediction For 2030: A Government Take Over Of Rental Housing

CFR promote more propaganda: Climate Change Is Putting the SDGs Further Out of Reach

Latest from the WEF

TIME MAGAZINE: It's 2023. Here's How We Fixed the Global Economy (published October, 2020)

Council on Foreign Relations promote domestic terror propaganda

The World Economic Forum tell us what our future holds - quite a dystopic nonsense

The Royal Society and Population Matters Org - UK 'charities' obsessed with global population

The Global Warming lie goes into full gear to introduce the 'Great Reset'

COVID-19 was rehearsed, here's the evidence

Council on Foreign Relations: Back to school with Global Governance

W.H.O whistle-blower Astrid Stuckleburger

Dutch PM caught out about the Great Reset

Spanish Government pass law to mobilize all adults and acquire all assets in emergencies

The World Economic Forum promote Global Coalition for Digital Safety

The World Economic Forum are telling us what the next couple years will hold

Sky News today: UK among five nations most likely to survive a collapse of global civilization

UN report: Global Governence will end pandemics

Psychological Manipulation by UK Government

Covid Passports will NOT be introduced in the House of Commons

The rules are for us plebs, not for the "important people"

Being ill is now murder in the Philippines

Council on Foreign Relations: Unlawful fishing requires military interference

Just how corrupt is the World Health Organisation and pharmaceutical companies?

Pandemic Simulation Games

The Council on Foreign Relations: Anchoring the World - the New International Order

The Great Reset - JP Sears

Russell Brand: Davos - "YOU'LL own nothing and YOU'LL be happy."

World Economic Forum - Davos Agenda 2021

What is the World Economic Forum?

"Cyber Covid" - a new virus threat.

Prepare to be told you're not doing enough



Covid-19 Agenda Is Now A Climate Agenda - told you so

It's All Coordinated

The Climate Change Agenda Means Centralisation (Dependence) of Energy

Scotland's vaccine passport shares data with Big Tech operatives and more

European Nations Adopting National IDs Linked to Digital Wallets

UK Firms To Be “Forced” To Show How They Will Reach Net Zero

Big Tech announces climate change “misinformation” to be the next censorship target

Boris Johnson: We Will Eliminate Cash

IBM: Created Nazi Germany Punch Cards…And Now They’re Behind Vaccine Passports

The Metaverse - Online Imprisonment

50 shops a day disappeared from High Streets

The Irish Government Tell The People They Need To Use Less Electricity

Almost all of the senators supposed to be holding Big Tech accountable are bankrolled by Google

Google blocked animal rights group from blowing whistle on NIH-funded cruel dog experiments

UK: Government confirm social credit system to be rolled out on January 2022

Maajid Nawaz: Resist the Technocracy

Bill Gates Ted Talk Deleted On YouTube

Climate Hypocrisy: 1000 Private Jets Travel To Davos To Discuss Your Boiler

GEOINT: Track and Trace literally Everything

Kier Starmer Makes Up Stories To Justify Internet Regulations. No Dissent In The Technocracy!

Net Zero Is About Ruining YOUR Life

Social Credit System Trial Launched In UK

Personal Carbon Allowances and a hilarious World Bank Podcast

UN Promote Technocracy - smart motorways, driverless vehicles

Big Tech and Big Pharma Merge: Oracle Takes Over Vaccine Data World

What's a Click Farm?

The future of your social life is in: THE METAVERSE

Rockefeller University: Flipping a Switch Inside the Head

WEF: We will monitor everywhere you go and everything you do

Activists Get A Recent Paper That Threatens Climate Alarm Narratives Removed From Journal

Why Vaccine Passports MUST be rejected

Detroit gets the Great Reset

Big Brother Watch

City of London Slips Into Technocracy, Becomes Blueprint For The World

Bill Gates and Technocracy

Stanley Johnson: The UK needs to decrease its population to 10 million

Tom Jackson: Children's author - Future Humans and Transhumanism

The Great Reset explained in 5 minutes

The Coronavirus (Retention of Fingerprints and DNA Profiles in the Interests of National Security)

BBC using actors...again

From 'The World Business Council for Sustainable Development' Vision 2050: Time to Transform

Kissinger and Eric Schmidt new book: The Age of A.I. and our Human Future

Israeli Minister caught on mic: No medical justification for passport - its to coerce

Patrick Vallance: We now need to tackle Climate Change

Foreign Policy: The Pandemic Proves Only Technocrats Can Save Us

Boris Johnson article from 2007: Global Population Control

UK Government: Next steps for digital IDs revealed

Government rewards families for healthy life choices - the social credit system begins

The World Bank introduce new GLOBAL DATABASE to improve covid-19 vaccine delivery

WEF: "Covid-19 has shown the world needs more surveillance", call for facial recognition technology

Russell Brand on Driverless technology and the new DAVOS

Rockefeller Foundations pledge $13.5 Million to fight misinformation

US Supreme Court Law: mRNA is patentable and not considered human

World Health Organisation: New recommendations on human genome editing for "public health"

Top British Universities produce report on how we achieve 'Absolute Zero' - no meat, travel, flights

The European Union exempt Private Jets from global warming taxes

Illegal DNRs, ventilators & involuntary euthanasia

Digital IDs are a good thing according to the World Economic Forum and GAVI - what a surprise!

The Conservative Woman: Roadmap to Enslavement

UK Ministry of Defence: Human Augmentation - Dawn of a new paradigm

Microchips - unfortunately, they are a real future for us

Naomi Wolf, Sucharit Bhakdi and Mike Yeadon discuss Vaccine Passports

Citizens treated as prisoners after going abroad vs Our G7 Global Overlords

Vaccine passports i.e. Digital IDs become reality, and global

UK Government make "temporary vaccine passports" permanent ID cards

Does this Canadian Government report reveal the endgame?

Health Passports incoming - another conspiracy theory!


Farming & Food

Meat shortages as predicted - the Agriculture Reset is well on the way

The UN Food Summit Ignored Indigenous People and Pushed The Great Reset Agenda

Lab-Grown Meat Is a Disaster in the Making

BBC: UK Government Will Intentionally Brainwash Population Into Fake Meat

"Reset The Table" In Action

Manufactured Food Crisis Continues - Real Supply Chain Issues Will Hit In 2022

Sri Lanka declares economic emergency to contain food prices as forex crisis worsens

UN looks to address ‘unprecedented catastrophic levels’ of food insecurity

Food Shortage Propaganda latest

California say goodbye to bacon - the end of meat is coming

2 Sisters Food Group say the UK is on brink of huge food shortages - blames "pingdemic"

Fight the consolidation of global food production

Meat is out, insects are in. And you will like it!

CTIA describe the future of 5g Farming

Australian supermarkets getting rid of meat department

American guy explains what's going on with US farms

The British Media: UK Food shortages "inevitable"

Water is being intentionally withheld from US Farms - Food shortages are being manufactured

My Thoughts

E10 Fuel Agenda - No Fuel Cars By 2030

The Climate Change debate summarised in one picture

Is the second phase of the Great Reset just beginning?

Why you should subscribe to the World Economic Forum - The Agenda Weekly

Who Owns Big Pharma + Big Media?

Propaganda vs Reality

Why the World Economic Forum should unite everyone


James Corbett

WW1 - A Conspiracy

James Corbett discusses "Absolute Zer0"

James Corbett's Science Collection

The 9/11 Files

Biodigital convergence, Transhumanism, The WEF and the complete Global Reset - Welcome to our future

Is this how our current financial system will be destroyed and the "Great Reset" implemented?

James Corbett: The Year Ahead

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